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In the past this blog has been a mix of my interests in Psychology and true crime. Currently it's also about fashion, not haute couture, but what people really wear every day. What works and what doesn't. Also, I still have an active interest in the "system" that drives our everyday lives. Our health, our housing, our money. In the news every day we see the failures of that system and the fallout after.

"From the errors of others,
a wise man corrects his own." Syrus
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    good afternoon, holmies!
    I’m just getting home from the courthouse. not a terribly exciting day. the prosecution called mr. dale higashi as a witness. he works for CBI as a lab agent for firearms and toolmarks. initially, he was tasked with taking a second look at the findings of another guy,…

    I think i t’s interesting that allen is now working for aurora pd…could this be some kind of under the table deal?  Game players never quit playing, and the prosecution is playing hard, so is the defense….

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  • Mighty Aphrodite

    I’ve noticed that many fewer people are posting about this case in my timeline.  Perhaps we’ve all gotten over Jimmy James, his lost potential, his life problems.  it’s easy for us, we aren’t his family, we do not have any connection except to opine mightily about the system that failed him and to watch the case unfold in news stories and Tweets from the courtroom.  

    For me, it’s been harder and harder to watch the case.  I have been an anti death penalty advocate for about a decade now.  Amnesty International and ACLU, to name a few.  Once, early on in the case, I called the ACLU in Colorado to ask them if they had any stance on the case.  They said no.  I’ve learned that these organizations stay away from politically charged cases, no matter what their merits.  James case is no different.  Troy Davis is the only person I can think of that they’ve defended, his political hot potato was the person he was accused of killing was a police officer.  Troy Davis was executed.  The day of his death was one of the hardest days of my life!  If you read the papers, at least one time a month there is a breakthrough story about a person, usually a man, who is mentally ill and committed a heinous crime and now faces the death penalty.  Often, that is just what they are finally sentenced to and then the long wait for them to die.

    My problem with these cases is with the human race:  when someone is killed, we often believe we have a right to kill someone in return. Killing another human being is a very good indication that the killer exists in a moral vacuum. When the killer is society, that just seals the idea!   So, no problem that our legal system is known to have a 7 to 9 percent wrongful conviction rate, or that one in 25 people on death row are estimated to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted.  Being called sane while you committed a crime, when you were insane, is actually another miscarriage of justice.  Or that all Western Religions teach forgiveness, and not killing others.  You notice in the Christian faith no one says not to kill “except” they simply say not to.  And the challenge of our lives is to do the right thing!  Every one of us, and somehow, the failures of law, the limits of jurisprudence versus flat out cold blooded revenge, show up in this way.  When we commit a homicide for a homicide, then that makes us murderers!  Who is going to kill us?  What is the justice for us?

    The death penalty stay in the news.  Yesterday a victims family member for another murder case in Arizona chided the public for their care and concern for a man convicted of killing his sister in law and her father, by telling us that we had no right to care for him, and instead should care only for the victims.  He wasn’t a good man, this guy asserted.  He did commit a heinous crime, but he was a human being with all the frailties that entails!  It took him 117 minutes to die.  Usually it takes 10.  The USA is considered backwards by European standards of law and order, or punishment.  They don’t do the death penalty much, and some nations not at all.  So it’s no shock that they’d balk at giving drugs to the FBP or states for death penalty administration.  

    The Obama administration has left the whole Holmes case alone.  Given that James could have been charged either at the state or the federal level, don’t believe it’s over until you hear that final gavel that the courts have found James Holmes NGRI, or guilty and sentenced to death.  The government, should it not like the result of the case, could file federal terrorism charges, perhaps.  The way I see it, this court case is going to linger on.  

    I hope we all survive it, unscathed!

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  • Laura Jane Grace, Black Me Out: Feeling it….

    Black Me Out LYRICS 

    Produced By: Laura Jane Grace 

    I don’t ever want to talk that way again
    I don’t want to know people like that anymore
    As if there was an obligation
    As if I owed you something

    Black me out
    I want to piss on the walls of your house
    I want to chop those brass rings off
    Your fat fucking fingers
    As if you were a king-maker

    As if, as if, as if
    Black me out

    I don’t want to see the world that way anymore
    I don’t want to feel that weak and insecure
    As if you were my fucking pimp
    As if I was your fucking whore

    All the young graves filled
    Don’t the best all burn out
    So bright and so fast?
    Full body high
    I’m never coming down

    Some fans have speculated that this song is a response to Against Me!’s experience being signed to Sire. The major label released two of their records, New Waveand White Crosses, whereas Transgender Dysphoria Blues is self-released. Grace denies that this was the motivation behind the song.

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    Eva Green in Campari 2015 campaign

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