Theater shooting defense asks court to compel five secret witnesses to testify at Holmes' trial

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Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists


Swiped this from Jeremy Jojola. From what I’ve/we’ve experience here, this HAS to be true. I’ve received DEATH THREATS for “supporting” James Holmes. “How DARE you support a murderer! I’ll KILL you!!” Wtf?!

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Above is school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who killed 8 people at a high school in southern Finland. He attempted to commit suicide instantly by shooting himself in the head, but failed. He died in a hospital hours later from the gunshot wound to the head. The shooting occurred on November 7th, 2007. Auvinen was named afterward the Youtube Killer, because he had uploaded videos to the site, one of which displaying him shooting his gun.

"I ask to my family and friends that you all continue to pray, that you all continue to forgive. Continue to fight this fight!”

Last Words of Troy Anthony Davis

Executed in Georgia

September 21, 2011


Dear Alison,

Since that terrible night which rocked so many of us to our core, we at the National Coaition to Abolish the Death Penalty have tried to be true to Troy Davis’ last wishes. As a movement, we’ve bound ourselves up after each execution and relied on our faith to stand us back on our feet and to make a way where the way was not clear. It has been three years since Troy’s execution. What have we learned?

We learned about the importance of galvanizing our collective voices with a single purpose — to save a life. And while we did not succeed in saving Troy Davis, we – you and I- succeeded in making his his story known and his name a household name. You wrote letters, signed petitions and marched, called your family and friends to tell them what we were doing. National organizations with agendas covering a broad range of concerns collaborated and cooperated.

The death penalty has not been and never will be viewed the same, by millions who might otherwise have never given it a thought.

So what have we learned? We learned we can’t stop. And the path is clear: we have to systematically organize and grow the power of millions of people like you and me who know that Troy Davis’ execution was wrong— and that every execution is wrong.

Your support today will help us reach and connect with the leaders of national organizations to engage them in this struggle. It will help us support and encourage them by sharing what we know it will take to end the death penalty based on our long history in this struggle. Your gift will help us reach millions of more individuals like yourself across the country and provide them with the information and tools they need to change the minds and hearts of their neighbors and friends as well as policy-makers and other infuential people.

I am Troy Davis. And we are 90 million strong. You, Alison, are Troy Davis, and we are 90 million stronger – because of you. Together we are building the ground-game state by state and nationwide to fulfill Troy’s wishes: to keep fighting this battle until we end the death penalty once and for all.

Please help us make good on our commitment to Troy Davis.


Diann Rust-Tierney

Executive Director

P.S. Troy said to continue fighting the fight, and three years later after his execution, we are. Two men in North Carolina were recently exonerated after 30 years in prison, having been confirmed innocent through the use of new DNA evidence. With your support, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty will mobilize the many people across the world who sympathized with Troy Davis. Are you Troy Davis?

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So cute!

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