Q: How can I write to Jamie??


James is being video recorded 24/7 (the prosecution requested access to the recordings). That, coupled with James’ mental illness and his pending trial, I can almost guarantee you James will not read or answer anyone’s letters right now. Here’s his addy in case you would like to try:

P.O. Box 4918 
Centennial, CO 80155-4918

I can second that.  No one here admits to have gotten any letters from James, and if I were his attorney, I’d tell him to let letters and such go until he feels better.  

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But don’t you see? They could be anybodies child! Dylan, Eric, James, TJ, all of them. They could be anyone’s child, brother, friend. And what would you do if someday, it was yours?
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Since when have the MAJORITY of us been pro mass murder?

We’re NOT the ones TRYING to put someone to DEATH.


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I think I’m getting carpal tumblr

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Q: Hi, why do you think TJ is arrogant asshole etc and have this dislike for him like doesn't acting like this make you an asshole too. The people who knew him have said that he is nice and good person and not arrogant at all. I was just wondering why you think this, not saying that he is or isn't like that, but I don't really see him as that things ( if this sounds confusing it's because I don't speak English that we'll)



LOL. That’s all I have to say.



Thanks for the laugh!

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September 11th, a day in history:

September 11, 2014 my father would have been 84 years old, had he not succumbed to cancer.  Daddy I’ll see you again sometime.


September 11, 2001 I walked into the Stage Movement class and was met by two of my classmates who told me that terrorists had high jacked two airplanes and flown them into the Twin Towers, in NYC.  Class was called at ten a.m, and my professor decided to proceed.  We were all lined up in front of the mirror as we began Tai Chi exercises to warm up when the plane hit the Pentagon.  About three minutes into clas I began my “Oh, my God, we’re at war.”  As the power of what the students had told me seeped into my sleepy brain, followed by:  ”This has Osama Bin Ladens stink all over it.”  As it turns out, years of following true crime has given me some insight into the players out there.  (Screw you, Al Qaeda.)  We didn’t know what happened until after class.  I attended a conservatory style theatre school with youngsters, primarily teens and young twenties from the DC area.  Many of them cried, worried about their parents because they worked at the Pentagon.  One professors husband died in the Pentagon that day.  

 Approximately 13 days prior, I was scheduled to go to a cruise on the Hudson River that got cancelled at the last minute because the person who was going with me was unable to attend.  I had this dream about travelling.   I was standing in a tall building in a big city, and I was in an office that was pretty plush, and while I was facing a huge glass window, I saw a huge jumbo jet flying straight for me.  I turned my head quickly to the left, and saw a clock.  It was out of place, a square electric and white piece you’d find at Walmart.  The time?  Eight thirty!  I have synchronicities in my dreams.  Okay, so if you read me at all, which many of you don’t, you already know I’m a freak with a case of The Curse.


September 11, 2014 would have been Dylan Klebolds 33 rd birthday.  RIP Dylan.

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How Tumblr's True Crime Fandom Reacted to the Escape of a School Shooter - The Wire


Shit, we’re all mentioned

How funny/sad that they still consider us hybristophiliacs.  I’ve reached the point that I simply don’t care!  Do they call fans of the true crime shows that?  They’re all interested in the shows which showcase murder, murderer and crime.  

Some of us in life simply do not believe in throwing people away!  

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Speakin’ of seeing James by the road, did you read that TJLane escaped yesterday for six hours?

How freaky is that shit?  Like, a maximum security prisoner escapes?  What is he, Houdini?

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